10 September 2011

Candle and Soap Making Afternoon Tea

Candle and Soap Making Afternoon Tea

Saturday 10th September 2011

An informative time of sharing skills as we farewelled Margaret who has moved to share the knowledge with residents in the Taroona area.

First we don our protective gear in preparation
for handling some of the ingredients.

The ingredients are weighed out carefully.

While waiting for the melted ingredients to cool a few
candles were made to keep ourselves amused.

The warmed ingredients are mixed together until "custard consistency"!

Once the ingredients are successfully combined, some give the mixture
a stir "for luck" whilst the others enjoy a cuppa and share afternoon tea.

Optional ingredients such as oatmeal, fragrances andcolourings can now be added.

The moulds are laid out in readiness.

The soap mixture is now carefully spooned into the moulds.

Decorations are sprinkled on the top.

And the afternoon finishes off with a sharing of ideas.

Ideas for the next skills sharing afternoon are now being accepted.

Any suggestions?

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