11 February 2012

DIY energy savings around the home - a new website

Take a look at this new website:  Tas Energy Savings which is dedicated to describing useful products and materials required to make important energy savings around the home. The website focuses on DIY projects and explains each project (insulation, hot water cylinder improvements, lighting, draughts, windows, controlling standby energy and energy meters and miscellaneous products). So take a look and see what else you could be doing to save money, water, energy :)


  1. Interested in Home energy saving.
    No link to the web site given on this page.


  2. Thanks for the feedback Antony, the link is on the word website. But I'll make it a bit clearer.


  3. I checked the link, and there were a lot of helpful and interesting facts presented about ways to save energy. I just hope more people realize the importance of cutting down their energy usage and, more importantly, the monetary benefits they will get. Let's accept it. Not everyone is a fan of Captain Planet, so let's encourage them to conserve energy in a way they'd better appreciate.