14 February 2012

The Walking West Hobart map is now on the streets!

The attractive Walking West Hobart map has now been printed and we are keen to get it out to people as soon as possible.  So, the team will be out letterboxing and within the next two weeks the map should be turning up in every letterbox in West Hobart!  It looks terrific and will be very useful to both locals and visitors as they walk the lanes and byways of West Hobart. Small supplies will be provided to gathering places such as coffee shops and health centres in WH :)

An official launch is being organised, and details will be advised soon.

We have the map available for downloading from here.

If you have any feedback about the map, pls comment below!   If you find any errors in the map, pls drop us a line and we will take this into account if we should produce a second edition.


  1. Good morning, I have just collected the walking map from my letterbox and wanted to thank you all so much. It is a wonderful production. Wendy Austin

  2. Thanks for printing and distributing your map, it's great to know the history of our neighbourhood.

    I'm pretty sure West Hobart was originally called Stanwell Park. It was first settled as a farming ditrict and had orchards, dairy, hops and Chinese market gardens (see West Hobart in Wikipedia). The original farm house is at 81 Lansdowne Crescent and is probably the oldest building in the area. It would be good to include the old tram route and boys home in Lansdowne Crescent in your next edition.

  3. Thank you all so much for this wonderful document. Fun to work out where to walk next, and find different routes.
    I think the Hillstreet Butcher (corner Hillstreet/Hamilton street) deserves to be included, considering other (current and future!) food outlets that are included.
    Also, there are poobags available at the entry to Hamilton Oval from Lansdowne Crescent and from
    Hamilton Street.
    Many thanks again.
    Lucia Ikin

  4. Thanks for the map, it is great and will be especially handy to give to visitors who are wanting to wander West Hobart.
    Congrats to all involved!

  5. West Hobart Neighbourhood Watch congratulates the Environment Network on the production of Walking West Hobart. We highlighted the map at our recent meeting and all were impressed with its quality.

  6. Is it still available?