31 July 2012

Sustainable House Day 2012

Sustainable House Day is an annual national event, aimed at providing an enjoyable, informative day that contributes to local community awareness of sustainable living. And its coming up again!  This year it will be on Sunday September 9th.

On this day each year, homes are opened for free, providing a fantastic opportunity for people who are interested in making their own homes or rental properties greener.  This gives people the chance to take a real-life look inside houses that have been designed, built or fitted out with sustainability in mind and talk to the owners, receiving unbiased advice.  Every year the organisers see greater investment in harvesting water and solar energy as communities realise our resources are finite and likely to become more expensive. By becoming energy efficient today, you’ll be on the front foot to save on energy bills and help the environment now and into the future. 

Would you like to be involved?  Do you have a house which was built to conserve energy, or which demonstrates sustainable living features?  e.g  reverse brick veneer / internal mass, passive solar heating, trombe wall, clever insulating techniques, water storage, permaculture garden,.....  The organisers of SHD would love to hear from you - there is a form to express interest on this page,  or you can contact them by email or phone 0438 988 345. 

They are also keen to hear from people who are available to simply help out on the day.

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