16 July 2012

WH Winter Gardens Tour - Sunday 12 August 2012

Why not shake off that winter hibernation, come out and join fellow garden enthusiasts enjoying some lovely gardens in West Hobart?  See how your neighbours are dealing with the challenges of home fruit and vegie growing, get (and share) some tips, and chat with fellow gardeners.  Maybe go home with some cuttings or plants, and new ideas for your own vegie patch this summer : )

A number of West Hobart gardeners will be “at home” to neighbours on Sunday 12 August 2012. 
The open day is organised by WHEN’s Gardening and Food group (GAF), and is inspired by the highly successful “Gardening with the Bush” Garden Tour which was organised by Sustainable Living Tasmania  some years ago.

The day will be divided into morning and afternoon sessions, with some gardens open in the morning, and others in the afternoon.   To respect the privacy of our generous host gardeners, people planning to participate will need to register with GAF.  You will then be given a copy of the day’s schedule, with the garden addresses and opening times.  You then create your own tour, deciding which gardens you will visit on the day.

We are also looking for more gardens to include in the tour.  Are you interested in opening up your garden?

To register as a participant for the Winter Gardens Tour, or to offer your garden for inclusion, please contact Margaret on  62314751 or email Di at whenvnet@gmail.com .


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