20 October 2012

Compost Kings and Queens!

Sustainable Living Tasmania is running a project through Hobart City Council with the wonderful Hannah Maloney to help people get going with composting or worm-farming their food scraps. There is space for a few more households!

Compost Kings and Queens is an exciting and innovative project designed to support residents to compost their food scraps at home is coming to Lenah Valley! We're looking for 30 Lenah Valley (and West Hobart) households to join the project. They will receive a subsidised compost system of their choice, free workshops and ongoing professional support to ensure they are composting successfully. 
Participants will reduce or eliminate food scraps going into their rubbish bin, create nutrient-rich compost for their garden and prevent harmful methane gases being released from landfill where food scraps usually end up!
In exchange, we ask that you record the amount of food scraps you're composting on a weekly basis so we can collect valuable data on how effective home composting can be. We'll provide you with a handy fridge magnet that you can write on to make this recording easy peasy!
Check out the website  www.slt.org.au/compost or email hannah@slt.org.au if you are interested.

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