01 December 2012

Update from our Gardens and Food group

1. Produce Exchange
Let's start our local produce exchanges next Saturday 8 Dec.  3 - 4 pm.  We'll start it off at 190 Goulburn St (top of Goulburn just past the Y) and then if you would like to have an exchange on your verandah or in your garden let me know. Bring spare produce - not everyone has a glut of broad beans or rhubarb! And how about spare excess seedlings or seeds, jams, potted plants - I will pot some little Cape Gooseberries and anyone who wants to dig up a boysenberry runner is welcome. Recipes for using our produce would be nice too - I'll have Sally Wise to hand (in bookform!). There maybe be freshly baked sourdough bread too.
2. The Tassievore Eat Local Challenge 
This summer the Tassievores are challenging you to eat, shop, grow and live more locally.  The benefits to buying locally go beyond what’s on your plate.  Joining the Tassievore Eat Local Challenge helps growers, producers and local businesses, supporting the Tasmanian economy and the environment.

The challenge is to ‘Eat Local’ for six month and you can choose how you want to do that.  Either by going the ‘whole hog!’ or simply being a ‘part-timer’ one day a week or all-Tassie fruit and veg.    So the choice is yours and you decide your challenge!!  Even our parliamentarians are getting in to it.  We have also had wide support from local producers and restaurants across Tasmania.

You can sign up at www.taseatlocal.com

3. Urban Permaculture Course
There will be a full permaculture course specifically focused on the urban environment at UTAS in Autumn next year.  It will be a wonderful opportunity to learn from experts.

Margaret S

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