06 December 2012

Witness King Tides - starting on 14 December

This is an excellent project which is now going national.  Green Cross Australia, supported by the NSW OEH, Tasmanian Climate Change Office and numerous coastal councils, is proud to deliver the Witness King Tides project for the first time, for all of Australia. 

Witness King Tides is a community photography initiative that asks people to head out during the king tide to capture pictures of the higher water levels and its impacts on coastal areas. The idea of the project is to help people understand what sea level rise is and what impacts it may have on their part of the coast. Seeing how high the sea level gets will really bring home what we can expect with sea level rises in the future

This is really worth promoting to friends and to schools, pls pass on the message.  There is copy for newsletters, suggested social media posts, a flyer and images available here:


Visit the Witness King Tides website – www.witnesskingtides.org -  to find out when the king tides will occur in our area, and to register to participate (and receive enews). 
The next king tide in Hobart is at 8.53am on Friday 14 December.  Will any West Hobartians be out there with their cameras??  Let us know if you are going to catch the Hobart tide! 

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