09 January 2013

January Planting Notes

Well here we are at the beginning again - January Planting Notes. below

I hope you have had a restorative time and are ready for another great gardening year. I have had 2 of my grandchildren to stay and after a week of an adventure a day, Alicia declared that her favourite time was picking and eating boysenberries and digging potatoes in my back garden. My favourite too.

Watch out in the New Year for the new WHEN project - we were successful in getting an Earn Your Stars grant from the Tasmanian Climate Change Office to help householders in West Hobart draught proof their homes, with demonstration workshops and discounted products.

Best wishes and happy harvesting.

JANUARY Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
French Bush Beans (last chance) x

Swedes (last chance) x

x x x
Shallots/Spring Onions x x

Lettuce (last chance to grow to decent size) x x x
Cauliflower -  Punnet to Garden x

Cabbage - P to G x

Broccoli  - P to G x

Cabbage (direct seedlings small style cabbages) x x x

Into Punnets:

Cauliflower x

Lettuce - last chance before winter x x

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