31 December 2012

Solar PV installations in West Hobart?

I wonder how many solar PV systems have been installed in West Hobart.  Looking at the fabulous website pvoutput.org, where the proud owners of solar pv systems upload data on their kWh output, there seem to be only a couple of West Hobart systems listed.   But there must be many more solar PV systems installed in our area.  This website is a neat way to collect information on renewable energy that has actually been produced by households.  So, if you have a solar PV system, think about uploading your data to share with the community! 

Of course, if you can automate the data collection and the uploading to the internet, that's the easiest way to go.  Whirlpool is a good website where you can learn from others about the ins and outs of "Green Tech" (and heaps of other fascinating IT subjects).

Another great website which aims to track greenhouse gases avoided, is The Butterfly Project.  Householders can register on this site and keep a record of changes they have made to reduce their carbon footprint and the resulting impacts on their electric power bills.  Another good one to check out during the holiday season!

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