25 February 2013

Draught Busters in West Hobart

Hi all!  Draught Busters in West Hobart is a new project of WHEN.   This project will help West Hobart residents to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, in particular via stopping air leaks.    You know, those leaks through window frames, external and internal doors, unused chimneys, skirting boards, exhaust fans and wall vents, etc, that let your expensively warmed air out into the world, and admit the cold winter air into your should-be-cosy house.  Those leaks that give you a draught across your ankles or down your back on cold winter evenings!!

People who take part in the project and stop their leaks will save money on energy bills and be more comfortable. The project is now taking early bird applicants, so you can put your hand up to be involved!

Through the project you will access the latest recommended draughtproofing materials needed to keep your house warmer at half price.  You will receive free training on how to assess what actually needs to be done in your house, and on how to install the draughtproofing materials.    There will also be some hands-on assistance available if you get stuck.  We can provide expert advice and discounted materials through a grant from the State Gevernment’s ‘Earn Your Stars’ program.
The project launches with a workshop on Wednesday 10 April. We hope that the houses involved are all draughtproofed by the end of June, ready for the really cold weather.

Let us know if you would like to participate, and/or if you could host a workshop in your draughty house - you would benefit from having an expert do some of the work for you while the rest of us learn how to do it.

Contact WHEN via whenvnet@gmail.com to register your early expression of interest.  Or call Margaret on 62314751 or Di on 62349908 to have a chat about what is involved.

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