19 February 2013

Solar Power Explained - Community Information Session - Monday 25th February 6.30-8pm

Sustainable Living in Kingston have invited residents of other suburbs to attend a Community Information Session at the KINGSTON BEACH HALL ON MONDAY 25TH FEBRUARY  FROM 6.30-8.00PM.
The Information Session will provide you with information to consider, prior to purchasing solar panels for your home.  SLiK will not be conducting a bulk purchase of systems but this session will provide you with all the background information necessary in order to make the best decision for your situation. If there are a number of people at the session who would like to purchase PV, it may be an opportunity for a number of households to join together and do their own bulk purchase. 

The report attached provides you with the research carried out by Mike Willson. This document is very clear and helps to explain the key issues a prospective Tasmanian buyer needs to consider. He will be available on the evening to answer your questions. We are also hoping to have a couple of installers available as well.  

In addition to the advice provided in Mike's document, I would add:   if you think will be interested in monitoring your ongoing solar energy production both daily and over time, and also in using this data in order to calculate your household electricity consumption, you should choose an Inverter which includes Bluetooth as a data transfer channel. A number of brands of Inverter offer this as a standard feature.

Here's the flyer for the event.

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