28 March 2013

Future of West Hobart Oval (recreation area)

A motion calling for the development of a master plan for the West Hobart Oval ('The Rec'), in consultation with the local community, will be going to the Hobart City Council Parks Committee.  The text of the motion is printed below.

If anyone would like to encourage members of the Parks Committee to support the motion please contact them:
Jeff Briscoe (Chair)  jbriscoe@netspace.net.au
Peter Sexton  ptsexton@tassie.net.au
Helen Burnet  helenburnet@netspace.net.au
Bill Harvey  billharvey@iinet.au
Marti Zucco (who has proposed the motion)  ald_zucco@netspace.net.au

Text of the motion:

Motion:      That:     1.    A report be prepared that considers developing a master plan for the West Hobart oval community recreation area.

(i)                The report address the following issues:

·          The impact of any the new development to the area
·          The governance of the area
·          The specific needs of the residents school and other users
·          Potential traffic & parking issues and other relevant traffic management strategies to enhance pedestrian movement and safety in the general area.

2.    Consultation occurs with the community, in particular the local schools, and other organisations.

Rationale:     To consider all the uses of the area and the future direction of the use of the land and facility so that the local community and school have a clear understanding of what the future of the area may be


  1. Apart from apparently having a few typos, this motion doesn't really say anything, and certain doesn't give any background to its reason for being. It hides what is presumably its main driver (the proposed Lady Gowrie child-care facility on the site) in the strange statement "the impact of any the new development to the area".

    I think, if it is going to have any effect, the motion needs to be rethought and rewritten with a bit more openess and clarity - at the moment (reading between the lines) it looks like standard NIMBY material.

    On the other hand, I received a pretty clear, open and reasonable handout in the mail today from Andrew Wilkie about the Lady Gowrie proposal - this is the kind of basic information that could provide background for the motion.

  2. Perhaps the Lady Gowrie proposal has uncovered a gap in the community's (and Council's) understanding and appreciation of the Oval as almost the only remaining area that could reasonably be claimed as a West Hobart "commons". I rode through there the other day at about 5pm and it was alive with kids playing on the oval, people walking their dogs and others generally enjoying the open space and greenery. I know we have Knocklofty close to hand, but the oval is currently so accessible and I for one have taken it for granted until now.