10 April 2013

Save Solar Tasmania - launch tomorrow

Save Solar Tasmania is a new alliance of businesses, householders and community groups established to promote Tasmania’s opportunities in small and medium scale renewable energy.

The group will be holding a press conference on the steps of Parliament House Hobart at midday tomorrow (Thursday 11 April) to urge the Government to provide guarantees for customers on the existing feed-in tariff and to establish a public consultation and review process that sets a fair price for solar and other small renewable energy technologies in Tasmania.

The group was formed because in the rush to privatise Aurora’s retailing activities, the government has created uncertainty which is jeopardising the future of the solar industry in Tasmania.

A press release and details of the new website established to support the campaign will be circulated tomorrow morning. Existing background information is available at http://waterworksvalley.com/solar/

The press conference will provide an opportunity for the media to talk to members of the group including:
·         solar installation companies
·         householders who have installed solar panels and those who are contemplating installations but are concerned about possible changes to the feed-in tariff
·         businesses that are developing small and medium scale wind and hydro projects.

Come along if you are interested!

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