15 April 2013

Draught Busters get going

In the last few days the Draught Busters in West Hobart project has kicked off in great fashion.   On Wednesday night the meeting room at Sustainable Living Tasmania was full, as twentyone would-be Draught Busters met and mingled.

After introductions from Margaret Steadman, Rebecca Boyle led the trainee Draught Busters through the Materials Guide which has been developed specifically for this project.  We all learnt heaps about the quality draughtproofing materials which are recommended by experienced draught busters here in Hobart. People were enthusiastic in seeking ideas and sharing their own experiences.  Rebecca draw on her extensive professional experience in this field and related some entertaining stories from the draught busting front line :)

Di Elliffe then outlined next steps in the project and presented the Draught Buster toolkits which contain a selection of specialist tools which will be required.   Participants formed into 5 groups, based on existing friendships and neighbourhood proximity.   Members of each group will share a toolkit amongst themselves and will also help each other out as required.  There was quite a buzz in the air as everyone headed home, already planning how to address their draughty doors and windows.

On Sunday, Anna invited us into her draughty house to learn more in a hands-on workshop.  Rebecca did an excellent job under pressure (!), showing about twenty trainee Draught Busters how to cut and install Surround Draught Strip, Door Bottom Draught Strip, Adhesive V-flex Tape, Broad tape, Draught Sausages, Chimney Balloon, and Foam Gap Filler Rod.  Phew!

Surround Draught Strip on front door

Door bottom draught strip
Adhesive V-flex strip
Suround draught strip on sash window
Surround draught strip on awning window
Draught Busters are now in action all over West Hobart, stopping the cold autumn air leaks in their houses one gap at a time.  About 30 houses will soon be Earning Their Stars in reducing their carbon footprints and enjoying increased thermal comfort.

There are still opportunities to get involved, just contact us at whenvnet@gmail.com.

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