12 June 2013

Draught Busters project update

The Draught Busters in West Hobart project has been a great success.  Over 25 homes have now been "draught busted"! with quality draught proofing materials, and a number of residents are still working on their windows and doors.    We have had four workshops so far, and there is still a chance we will hold one more, depending on levels of interest.  Participants have learnt a lot about ways and means of reducing cold air coming into their houses.  We have learnt about new materials and have developed new skills.  More than that, it has been great to meet fellow residents and make new friendships.

We've had some success in painting the window strip to match the door and window architraves:

Last call:  Anyone interested in taking part should contact Margaret Steadman at steadmanma@gmail.com.

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