20 February 2014

Excellent open garden, with muffins

Thanks so much to Di and Rob who welcomed us to their fabulous expansive garden in Newdegate Street last Sunday afternoon.  Di had prepared an informative outline about  the establishment of the garden, with details of the 'zones' and plants - we visitors felt most inspired about both the design and the productivity!
Raised vegie beds, bird netting, with 9mm dia plumbing pipe supports

Up the steps to the lemon  and hazelnut trees
Our produce table included zucchini, potatoes, plums, rhubarb and sweet pea seeds.

Please let us know what gardening/food/community activities you would like to be involved in and what organising help you could offer.
0439 954 818
PS Rob's muffins were the 'icing on the cake'

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