01 March 2014

Gardening notes - March

The March notes are below. Time for planting broad beans again - where did the time go?

I hope your garden is flourishing and filling your table - I'm in serious bottling and drying mode at the moment, though it is touch and go whether the birds or me get the plums! My big garden news is the addition of 3 beautiful bantam pullets to my patch. I've managed the contaminated soil by giving 'the girls' an enclosure that is lined with weed-mat. I removed soil and gave them new clean soil. They are dealing very happily with the Tuscan Kale glut. No eggs until after winter apparently.

The other news is to remind you about the Food 4 Thought conference - it is the national conference in Hobart of the Australian Community Gardens and City Farms Network, in New Town 21-23 March (http://events.communitygarden.org.au/). There is a wonderful range of speakers (including Costa from Gardening Australia) and practical workshops. Do check the website and think about registering.

We are looking for people to billet visitors - a great opportunity to meet lovely people who share your interest in urban food gardening.  Can you offer a room, a patch for a tent - or a level driveway for a family combi (and access to a bathroom!)?

Please email me on steadmanma@gmail.com if you can help.

Enjoy autumn in the garden.


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Broad Beans (1st planting)
Spinach     x

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