18 March 2014

Meat Free Week and invitation to vegan potluck meal

24th - 30th March is Meat Free Week, raising awareness of the impact of meat production on the environment as well as health and animal welfare issues:

Livestock production is a major cause of global warming, responsible for more global greenhouse gas emissions than all transport. Livestock production is also a major cause of land degradation, pollution, loss of biodiversity, deforestation and food and water scarcity. Over-fishing and aquaculture are also threatening marine environments.

Are you interested in thinking about food choices and connecting with other WHEN members?  If so, you are invited to bring a plate of vegan food and join us for a potluck meal on Sunday 30th March from 4.30pm.  A very short film (30 minutes) called "Making the Connection" will also be screened.  This film was made by The Vegan Society in the UK and it explores veganism.   Topics looked at in the film include food, fitness, nutrition, global food security, farming, the environment and animal welfare.

For venue details or more information, please call Trine on 6234 7376.

For anyone needing inspiration, Vegetarian Tasmania's website has a number of recipes and links to websites:

For anyone considering signing up for Meat Free Week, a list of vegetarian and vegan eateries could be useful:

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