29 April 2014

Gardening notes - early edition for May

Dear Gardening Friends

Well, the broad beans are finally in - I hope not too late. The pruning has started - the easy bits, black and red currants and nectarine.  The green manure is spread on the resting beds. The tomato plants are pulled up and hanging in my sunspace to try to ripen the last fruit. Time to sit in my sunspace and have a cup of tea and watch the world go by!

By the way, I've found a great source of cheap green manure seed - Roberts at the Brooker end of Collins St sell it by the kilo - $2.50 a kilo.

May growers notes are below:

MAY Week 1Week      2 Week 3 Week 4
Sugar Snap Peas xxx
(1st planting -pregerminate and then sow direct)
(1st planting -pregerminate and then sow direct)
Protect from birds until 100mm high.
Lettuce (slow) Plant out in Julyxx
Cabbages  (small species) Plant out in Julyxxx
Cauliflower "Garant" - Plant out in Julyxxx

Happy gardening.


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