20 May 2014

The joy of working in someone else's garden

The working bee in Eve's Garden was good fun.  More than one of us commented that it is more fun working in someone else's garden than in your own!  Perhaps it is the lack of pressure - you are given one task to do, you can chat to nice people while weeding or digging, and then it is done.  No sense of the rest of the grand task and all the other jobs on the list!  A bit like looking after grandchildren perhaps.

Anyway, it was a lovely afternoon and very interesting to see how a back garden can be made into almost a market garden.  Liz has a number of long, slightly raised beds (the height of a railway sleeper), equipped with drip irrigation, and a family of chooks with personalities.  Her love of growing and her commitment to sustainable, organic gardening was a pleasure to witness.  The plants look really healthy and the soil she has built up over the seasons is gorgeous.

All too soon it was time to stop for tea and cake.

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