14 July 2014

Pruning workshop 26 July

Hi all!

The WHEN Gardening and Food group has organised a fruit tree pruning workshop for Saturday 26th July at 1pm.  If you are not confident with the pruning shears, why not come along and pick up a few tips?
Contact Trine on trinehooper@live.com to RSVP and get the address of the garden.

And here's a great idea from a recent ABCTV Gardening Australia show which solved a couple of problems in another West Hobart garden:

Di was sick of the blackbirds digging into the mulch on her sloping block and continually flicking the mulch onto her pretty gravel paths.  And it is time to prune the hazelnuts.  How's that for a bit of basket weaving?  She was careful to plant the sticks "upside down" to avoid growing a forest of hazelnuts!

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