04 August 2014

Pruning skills shared, what's next?

Thanks so much to Greg for sharing his pruning expertise and tips at the recent WHEN pruning workshop.  After watching and listening to Greg,  the participants will never look at a fruit tree the same way again!  We pruned a cherry tree and a peach / nectarine tree that were both in dire need of attention.  We also took a look at a grapevine and some other trees in the garden including a lemon and an apple tree.

Those of us at the workshop who haven't previously seen Greg's productive garden are interested to see it!  Greg has kindly agreed to have an open garden on a date to be negotiated for anyone interested in coming along.

Do you have skills in an area such as food growing, worm farming,  seed saving, tool sharpening, home repairs, building things, sewing, knitting, clothing repairs, food preservation, green cleaning or any other skills that help make our community more self-reliant that you would be willing to share with WHEN members?  Is there a particular skill that you would like to learn? 

We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback for planning future WHEN events.  Please drop us a line any time at whenvnet@gmail.com.

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