15 July 2015

Sustainable House Day 2015 - want to nominate your place?

This year the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) is partnering with EnviroShop to hold Sustainable House Day on September 13.

Sustainable House Day is Australia’s largest national sustainability event giving people the opportunity to see and learn from the best environmental homes.

One important change this year will be an upgrade to the Sustainable House Day website to improve it for participating homeowners, local groups and attendees.

ATA has now opened online registrations for:  
  • Homeowners with homes that have environmentally sustainable features – to open them and host tours
  • Sustainability groups and local councils – to host or co-ordinate local homes and volunteers and/or ancillary events.
Participating homeowners can now officially register and submit their own house profiles via the event website.

The deadline for home registrations is July 31, 2015

If you have an existing house profile from SHD 2014 (Please note: addresses were taken off the website after SHD 2014 as required by organisers, so you may need to use a few different search terms to locate your profile.)
  • Once you locate your profile, click into the profile and scroll down until you see Claim this house. Click on this.
  • An email will then automatically be sent to organisers to allocate this property to your profile. Once your property has been allocated and approved you will receive an email notification it has been added to your profile and updated to 2015.
  • Please log in back to your profile and update your profile information accordingly. 
If you do NOT have or cannot locate an existing house profile from SHD 2014
  • From the my profile page, click on the Create New House Profile button at the top right hand corner
  • Complete the new house registration form
  • Once submitted the form will automatically be sent to the organisers for approval.
  • Once officially accepted you will receive an email notification regarding acceptance and the house profile will be allocated to your user profile. 
We also request you please refer to the T&C’s of participation below: If you are experiencing problems with the website or registering online, please contact Jodie North at Jodie.north@envirogroup.com.au and we will address these issues as soon as possible.

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