28 July 2015

Update on safer roads campaign

What are these wombat crossings that we are talking about?

As zebra crossings are almost non-existent in Tasmania, most of us are not sure what a wombat crossing with zebra markings would look like.  Your roving reporter has just returned from a visit to the northern beaches of Sydney, where they are commonplace.  Here are some photos:

On a descending street (Lawrence St) in Freshwater (one of several examples in this shopping centre)

At The Esplanade, Manly

On North Steyne, Manly Beach

There are numerous other examples, near schools, in shopping centres, anywhere where pedestrians and vehicles are likely to clash.  Drivers are well used to them, and they certainly offer protection to people crossing the street.  They are usually accompanied by the yellow "walking feet" signs.  There are all sorts of arrangements at the kerb, from kerb bulbs to mini garden beds.  Some have a cut through the kerb bulb so that cyclists can ride over the crossing safely without being forced into the path of cars.

Another dangerous spot identified
A couple of residents of Poets Rd have let us know that the intersection of Poets Rd, Lansdowne Crescent and Allison St is another danger spot.  They say this area is "quite busy with pedestrian traffic (young and old), especially before and after school. 

Poets Road
Sight lines are obscured by the blue house built to the footpath edge, and opposite is a very high fence. One corner even has steps! The other squeezes in a bus stop, phone booth and frequent stops by drivers ducking across the road to The Lansdowne Cafe. 
Drivers coming down Poets Road, do so at alarming speed. Drivers going up Poets Road, speed even faster! - (if their car is up to it). 

We need traffic calming measures like trees in the road centre and a safe place to cross. It is difficult to cross with a pram.

Allison Street
The cafe corner is very busy. The bus stops directly at the front of the cafe and the outdoor patrons. When a second bus stops opposite - we all hold our breath and squeeze through.
The other corner is definitely a candidate for a 'kerb bulb'. We know of one Lansdowne student hit by a car crossing this road."

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