10 September 2015

Live & Learn Workshops

Live & Learn Educational Workshop 
Sustainable Living Tasmania is running a course over 7 workshops that cover each of SLT’s themes: building (and the built environment), energy, food (and growing), living, transport, waste, and water. 
Live & Learn is targeted at people who are already motivated to create change in their own lives and community and who are looking for knowledge, skills, motivation and support to help achieve an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

The course dates are: every Wednesday night from the 14th of October until the 25th of November, from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm. The cost is discounted to $125 (closing soon, then the full fee of $139 is applicable). For more information call 6234 5566 or visit www.slt.org.au/live_learn.

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