08 September 2015

Sustainable House Day - this Sunday 13 Sept!

Great news!  There are seven houses available to visit this Sunday in the south of the State, and two in the north.  This is a great opportunity to learn from other proud homeowners about ways you could improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of your current (or your next) home. Or just admire what they have achieved :)

Check out the summaries  on the Sustainable House Day homepage, and decide which lovely homes you'd like to find out more about. There's a drop down list of the features of each house, so you can select those homes which demonstrate what you're thinking of doing next at your place.

What time is Sustainable House Day open?
Sustainable House Day 2015 runs between the hours of 10am to 4pm on Sunday 13 September 2015.  However, some homes may specify different opening times on their profile pages, so please check.

How do I obtain the addresses for the homes opening for Sustainable House Day?
To have access to the house addresses you will need to officially register as a visitor online.  Once you login to your user profile you will be able to see the addresses listed on each house profile. You can officially register here.

Do I need to book at each individual property before attending?
Generally no, but a homeowner may have specified differently on their individual property profile. So it is best to check the individual profile.

Does it cost to attend Sustainable House Day?
This is a free to gold coin donation event. Some homes may charge a small fee (gold coin donation) with funds put towards costs of preparing for the house open or for a nominated not for profit group or charity.  You can see on each individual profile whether a home has nominated to request a gold coin donation.

Are there any conditions of entry as a visitor for Sustainable House Day?
As a participant in Sustainable House Day, we ask you to respect each of the homes you visit and act as per the following conditions of entry:

  • Please officially sign in as a visitor to the home providing your full name, telephone number and email address
  • Please act in a respectful manner towards the homeowner, all volunteers and other SHD attendees
  • Please do NOT touch any property including furniture, objects, electrical items on the property, or personal items of others
  • Please ensure all children are monitored at all times onsite
  • Please remain in the allocated tour area of the home. You are NOT permitted to enter any areas that have been signed as private.
  • Please do NOT consume alcohol or food during the tour.
  • Smoking is NOT permitted
  • Please turn off/silence your mobile and refrain from answering or speaking on your phone during tours
  • Please make every conceivable effort to ensure your own personal safety whilst onsite.
  • Please ask permission before taking any photographs
  • You agree to any inspections of bags at the request of homeowners or volunteers.
  • In the garden please do not touch the plants.

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