07 September 2016

Great sustainable house ideas on show this Sunday

Yes, this Sunday is the annual Sustainable House Day, this is your big chance to check out other people's houses and good ideas!  You could pick up some cheap and easy fixes for your place.

Register at the site to get access to details of the houses that are available to visit. 

Some great houses on show include:

Inner Urban Eco-Upgrade - see roof and underfloor insulation, double glazing, draught proofing, insulating the hot water cylinder, heat pump, rooftop solar PV...

Mountain River
New build - masses of solar PV, heavy insulation, passive solar design, heat pump HW system

Tolmans Hill
New build - passive solar, hillside building, high insulation, thermal mass, disability access throughout

Fern Tree
A passive solar build 20 years on, showing improvements added over time

New build - "An example of an energy-efficient home design which can be achieved for any new house build on a modest budget". Passive solar design, low e-films on windows...

New build - fully self-sufficient for energy and water - wow!!!

Want to visit and write up your thoughts?  Please do, drop us a line!

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