08 September 2016

September planting notes, 2016

Greg's planting notes for September are below. 

Oh joy! Spring!

And even more lovely - Eve's Garden is back. Every Sunday 10 - 4 at 14 Petty St, Elizabeth will be selling plants and seedlings for our Spring gardens and on Sunday 25 Sept she will be selling tomato plants too. She is busy potting them up right now. 

Happy gardening.


SEPTEMBER Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Beetroot - not too many as often goes to seed in Summer x x x x
Shallots/Spring onions x x x x
Celeriac - keep damp 3 weeks plus for Autum/Winter x x x x
Tomatoes - punnet into ground - in greenhouse only

x x
Capsicums - punnet into ground - in greenhouse only

x x
Parsnip - keep damp for 3 weeks plus. x x x x
direct only for Autumn/Winter

Kohlrabi - earliest sowing date 

Radish x x x x
Lettuce - Direct seeding and punnet to ground. x x x x

Into Punnets

Lettuce x x x x
Tomatoes - for outdoors, punnet to pots in propagator

x x
Sweetcorn - pregerminate then sow direct

Zucchini - pregerminate, plant in pots in propagator x x x x
Leek  x x x x

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