07 May 2017

Seed saving - workshop and seed swap

The good folks at Green Harvest Organic Gardening, based in Queensland, are making a trip down to Hobart, braving the cold, to present at the Seed Storm 2-day workshop on 27-28 May (Saturday-Sunday) in Hobart. 

The workshop aims to help home gardeners and growers increase their seed saving skills with a range of experts and hands-on experience saving seed. Green Harvest CEO, Frances Michaels, will be talking about seed purity, correct cultivar ID, cross pollination control, seed storage and drying techniques, seed viability and germination testing.

Green Harvest believes that seed saving has never been more important, as open-pollinated heirloom seeds offer the genetic resilience and diversity to sustain food production despite changing climatic conditions. Seed production has become somewhat of a ‘lost art’ commercially in Australia with the bulk of vegetable production using imported hybrid seed. The team is looking forward to meeting gardeners and growers who are interested in seed production being reintegrated into Australian agriculture and home gardening.

There will be a free community seed swap in Hobart Sunday 28 May: more details at www.facebook.com/seedfreak events. Join in and nab seeds!

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