09 May 2017

Survey on improvements to Hill Street

The Lansdowne Crescent Primary School School Community Association has released a survey to collect your views on a range of potential projects for improving the safety of walking in West Hobart, particularly for pedestrian crossing Hill Street. The SCA is trying to get a feel for the feeling of the general community on these issues.

Background information can be found in our recent post on the Council's current proposals for Hill Street.
It would be fantastic if you could spare a couple of minutes to complete the survey and then pass the message on to everyone you know that lives in, has kids that go to school in, or regularly visits West Hobart.  It is only 5 questions and takes just a couple of minutes to complete.  We will also be promoting the survey on our Facebook page.  Feel free to share it.

The survey can be found here:



And don't forget to also tell the Council  directly what you think about the proposals.

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