10 August 2014

A happy gardeners' group for West Hobart?

Resident Wendy has this great idea:  

For some time I have been interested in the idea of something that happens in New Zealand.
The idea that is a group of people get together and garden at someone's place once a month. A set monthly time is chosen for 2 hours. It is a roster system.
The person's place that the gardening is being done at only has to give tea/coffee.
The idea helps people like me who have a garden but know very little and also makes me go out at least once a month gardening with others and who in turn gets help from people who have a little more knowledge but would like help with their garden once in a while.
Happy to be part of a group to discuss this more.

What a good way to meet neighbours, learn more about plants and growing techniques, and have fun!  Anyone else interested in getting together with Wendy to talk about this idea and perhaps get it going in West Hobart?  

Respond to: whenvnet@gmail.com.

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