07 September 2014

Sustainable House Day, Sunday 14 September 2014

Great news!  There are seven houses around Hobart demonstrating aspects of living sustainably open to the public on Sunday 14 September.  Here's a list of them. Check out the houses available to look at, and use the map provided to locate them.

Here's one example:

This house is supported by the Tasmanian Chapter of the Australian Solar Council. It will be open on the 14th of September from 10am-4pm.
An example of an energy-efficient home design which can be achieved for any new house build on a modest budget.
This three-bedroom, single level home uses solar passive design – delivering a comfortable year-round ambient temperature that requires only occasional heating, even during the cold winter months. Features include:
- North-facing glass “wall” in the living area with polished concrete slab for thermal mass
- Dark tiles along north-facing bedroom windows
-Fully insulated slab, thermally-separated from footings
- Extensive insulation (under slab R2.4; slab edge R2.5; walls R4; ceiling R6/R7)
- Argon-filled, low-e double glazing with composite window frames
- Full-length opening windows and ceiling fans for ventilation
Energy Star rating 8.5

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