06 February 2010

Low Carbon Transport - sticker

I recently upgraded to a new car, choosing the Hyundai i30 diesel, which has a very low fuel consumption - tested at average 4.7L per 100 km. Wow!

I have had the idea of producing a car sticker which people (like me!) choosing low carbon options can use to celebrate their choice. It could be used on fuel efficient cars, on bicycles, motorbikes, even backpacks of walkers.

The wording I have thought of so far is: "Loving my low carbon transport". With a second line of small print containing a qualification for using the sticker, such as "Fuel efficiency rated at less than 5 L per 100km".

Let me know if you would like to assist with production, or a supply. Di Elliffe 0411 671652.


  1. Sounds a top little car. My thoughts for the stickers - fun rather than preaching. How about:
    "Runs on a guinea-pig's fart!"
    "Stops for fuel once a century!"
    "Hell, been there and back on ten cents! This runs cheap, cheap, cheap..."
    "Fuel? Hey, who needs it? not this little burro!"
    "Runs on nex'ta'nix"
    "Filled this up once. Still going months later and we been everywhere man."
    "Earth loves this car."