06 February 2010

GAF Meeting 21 July 2008

Attendees: Annie, Lucia, Anne, Jen, Sarah, Tricia, Cathy, Miriam, Marianne
Apologies: Margaret
Venue: Annie’s place Warwick Street

Food Produce - Letter drop to establish who has excess produce from trees. Maroochydore council register of trees given as example. News of excess produce to be included on website. Action: Anne to contact John regarding website

Mellifont Orchard - There is an existing volunteer garden group – Friends of Valley St. Action: Marianne to contact Simon Clarkson about speaking at sustainability meeting

Communications - Talks at sustainability meeting about topics of interest ie keeping chickens. -    
Establish a way to share of propagated seeds and tools - Where to photocopy? Action: Miriam to do draft flyer including; fruit sharing, propagating seeds and tool sharing.

Permablitz - Greater community involvement for gardens and permablitz. - Working bees and skill sharing within WH Action: Hannah to talk about source co-op and permablitz

Community garden - Existing Newtown model given as example. - Possible involvement with schools. Action: Trish to contact Lansdowne, Marianne Goulburn St

Next meeting of GAF 3pm 18th August at Annie’s place.

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