06 February 2010

Walking West Hobart map project

WHEN's Sustainable Transport working group plans to create a walking map of West Hobart, to help people to explore and enjoy our lovely suburb on foot

A high proportion of West Hobart residents already walk down the hills to work in the city, which means we have a well-established walking culture on which to build. Also, statistics show that walking and using public transport in West Hobart is quite safe. International town planners such as Jan Gehl argue that liveable and cohesive cities are walkable cities. This project would help to increase social cohesion and connectivity, and promote re-localisation as a response to the impact of peak oil. 

The "Walking West Hobart" map would offer more options for people without cars (or who choose to use their cars less often) to walk to local shops and services. The map will show little-known shortcuts through the middle of blocks, and people's favourite routes will be highlighted. Bikeable routes and bus routes will also be shown. Links and information about other low carbon transport options will be included, such as bus timetables, Park and Ride options, walking bus, cycling clubs. Through using the map, people will learn about quicker ways to get to the shops and the cinema, and will save time and money, also improving their health and fitness. There will be wins all round!

Work on the map will commence early in 2010, and will be discussed at the first meeting of WHEN for 2010, which is scheduled to be held in February. If you would like to assist with the preparation of the map, please contact Di Elliffe on 0411 671652.


  1. There are many places in West Hobart where pedestrians have priority.
    If you know of any, add them to this list.

    Maybe then we can have them marked on a map which we can publish, to advise people how to easily move around without having to follow roads.

    Some shortcuts I know of include:

    * Walkway at top of Franklin St connecting with Arthur Street.
    * Walkway from Clift St down into Providence Valley/Valley St area.
    * Walkway from Byard St in Mt Stuart down thru garden area to Mellifont/Lower Jordan Hill Road intersection.
    * Short-cut from Lower Jordan Hill Road into Swan St near North Hobart Post Office.
    * Walkway connecting Lansdowne Crescent to top of Hamilton Street beside West Hobart Oval.
    * Walkway connecting Lansdowne Crescent to Forbes Avenue near Hall.
    * Walkway up over to Poets Road/Knocklofty Terrace from top of Goulburn Street.
    * Walkways leading to Knocklofty Reserve from top of Forest Road, end of Poets Road, top of Fielding Drive, top of Kirby Court (near old motel).
    * Walkway from Bonnington Road to Poets Road.

  2. I found another one!
    It runs from the upper end of Corby Avenue down to Salvator Road.

  3. OK here are another couple.Narrow walkway from Whelan Crescent down to Corby Ave. From there you can take either Barton Street or the stairs that go down to Salvator Road.
    There is a also a curious walkway that leads down to the Rivulet Track via Roberts Street - a narrow No Through Road which turns left off Forest Road and goes down the northern edge of the Peace Park. From there cross Liverpool Street and go along the mesh fence towards the city until there's an opening. Once you reach it there are short stairs. Turn right here and follow the footpath. It makes a sharp left turn and leads down to the ribbon path along the Rivulet.
    Great Project!
    I was tempted to do it myself,
    Glad you have done all the work.