06 February 2010

WHEN Meeting 22 June 2008

Chris Harries speaks
Chris Harries started things off by giving us a really helpful talk, He spoke about the Waterworks Road Community Group, solar hot water heating, and answered questions from the group. If you weren't able to make it to yesterday's meeting, you might like to take a look at Waterworks Road website at http://waterworksvalley.com/.
Margaret then brought us up-to-date with what is happening locally, including the planned Hobart City Council sustainability workshops, which are expected to start within the next few weeks.

We then discussed how we might move forward as a group. It was decided to continue to meet on a regular basis while initially focusing upon the three primary areas of interest that we identified during our first meeting -- making our homes sustainable, gardens and food, and sustainable transport.
A subgroup was formed to act upon each of these issues. These individual subgroups will meet to explore ideas, establish priorities and devise plans of action.

If you were unable to attend yesterday and would like to participate in one of the subgroups, please contact the group convener for information on when they are meeting.
  • Making our Homes Sustainable
    John Carpenter, convener (6231 6349)
  • Gardens and Food
    Annie March, convener (6231 0378)
  • Sustainable Transport
    Margaret Steadman, convener (6231 4751)
A fourth subgroup was considered, one which would look at developing the sense of community within parts of West Hobart, but it was decided to leave this for the moment. It is expected that new subgroups will form over time as new issues arise.

The importance of expanding the size of the our group was considered and a number of suggestions were made, including;
  • everyone bringing along someone new
  • a notice in the Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter and on their planned website
  • a media event
  • the promotion of the group at the Hobart City Council sustainability workshops.

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