06 February 2010

Structure of WHEN, 2008

In a general discussion on how our group might be structured the following points were raised. Most people preferred that the group remain unincorporated and simply be an informal network. It was suggested that we need formal statement of our purpose indicating what we intend to do (and not do). To cover the costs of hiring the venue, it was agreed that we should request a $2 donation from those attending. Bill Harvey from the Hobart City Council mentioned that the Council has a meeting space available for community group use (but this can only be used after working hours on weekdays).

Name of the group:

As the group has not had an official name, a number of possible names were discussed and voted upon. And, the winner was - West Hobart Environment Network (WHEN).

Group communications:

The Yahoo discussion group was a problem for some of those attending and they asked if it was possible to have direct link from the webpage to Yahoo. Paul Turvey will investigate this. Not many people expressed interest in the discussion group. There was also a request for the inclusion of subgroup reports and meeting notices on the webpage. Bill Harvey mentioned that the Council can be asked to put up community notice boards.

Other matters:

The damage caused by plastic bags was raised and discussed. This is an issue that the group may wish to look at further in the future. Simon Clarkson gave us an overview of the plans for the Mellifont Orchard. Tasmanian heritage apples (and possibly pears) will be planted on terraces.

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